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Man consumes poison outside police superintendent’s house due to wife’s harassment case: Police

The man’s family stated that his wife filed a domestic violence complaint against him recently, but they claimed that the police ignored his harassment complaint against her.

"The matter is being looked into", says the Superintendent of Police

"The matter is being looked into", says the Superintendent of Police

A tragic incident unfolded outside the residence of the Superintendent of Police, as a man resorted to consuming poison on Saturday, reportedly due to the alleged negligence of the police in addressing his grievances. The man, identified as Pradeep, took this drastic step after purportedly facing obstacles in filing a harassment case against his wife, according to sources within the police department.

Family members of Pradeep divulged that his wife had recently lodged a complaint of domestic violence against him, yet his plea regarding harassment by his spouse had not received due attention from law enforcement. The discord between Pradeep and his wife identified as Isha, seemed to revolve around financial matters, with Isha allegedly demanding a substantial sum of ₹5 lakh from her husband.

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The sequence of events leading to the distressing incident began when Pradeep attempted to file a formal complaint against his wife at the Superintendent of Police’s office early Saturday. However, finding the officer unavailable, Pradeep proceeded to the SP’s residence, where he tragically ingested poison in a desperate act.

Superintendent of Police Atul Sharma confirmed the incident, stating, “Pradeep, a resident of the Sungarhi police station area, consumed poison and was promptly transported to a hospital by our staff. The matter is currently under investigation.”

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The incident underscores the complexities and challenges often faced by individuals navigating legal recourse in matters of domestic disputes. As authorities delve deeper into the circumstances surrounding the incident, it serves as a poignant reminder of the critical need for swift and impartial redressal mechanisms within the legal system to prevent such tragic outcomes.