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Key evidence In Sheena Bora’s Murder Case Go Missing, CBI Informs Mumbai Court

The CBI informed special Mumbai court that the bones and mortal remains purportedly of Mumbai executive Sheena Bora recovered by Raigad police after her murder 12 years ago, are reportedly “missing” and untraceable.

Key Evidence Of Sheena Bora

Bones Remains Found In Sheena Bora's Murder Case Are Now Missing, CBI Informs Mumbai Court

In a surprising twist, the CBI informed special Mumbai court that the key evidence, bones and remains of Mumbai executive Sheena Bora, recovered by Raigad police after her murder 12 years ago, are now “missing” and untraceable.

The development comes during the testimony of Dr Zeba Khan, a forensic expert from JJ Hospital who initially examined the bones in 2012 and confirmed they were human remains. Dr Khan’s examination was crucial in establishing the prosecution’s narrative.

The Pen police in Raigad, with the help of a local officer, initially recovered the bones from the spot where they allegedly burned and dumped Bora’s body in the deep forests near Gagode-Khurd village.

Sheena Bora’s Murder Mystery

The police allege that Bora’s mother, her ex-husband, and her driver murdered Bora, an executive with Mumbai Metro, on April 24, 2012. However, the shocking crime gained its limelight in August 2015. After investigating the case for years, Mumbai police arrested Sheena’s mother Indrani Mukerjea, a former media executive, and her second husband, Peter Mukerjea, along with their driver, Shyamvar Rai, in August 2015.

The arrest came after months of surveillance on Indrani, initiated following a tip-off and Rai’s earlier arrest for illegal weapons possession.

At a court hearing on May 7, Public Prosecutor C.J. Nandode, representing the CBI, attempted to present the recovered bones for identification by Dr. Khan. Despite conducting a thorough search, they could not find the bones. In the following hearing, the CBI admitted that the two marked packets containing the evidence were untraceable, and the examination of Dr. Khan would proceed without them, despite their importance to the case.

According to the prosecution, Bora’s mother, former media baroness Indrani Mukerjea, along with her ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna and her driver Shyamvar Rai, strangled her in a car on the night of April 24, 2012. They then transported her body in a suitcase to Gagode-Khurd, burned the suitcase, and dumped the remnants in the forest before returning home early the next morning.

A month later, local police discovered the burnt bones and remains, but the sensational murder case only surfaced in August 2015, following the arrests of Rai, Indrani, and later Khanna. In May 2022, authorities granted bail to Indrani, while Rai had been released earlier after agreeing to become a prosecution witness.

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