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Kashi Embraces Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Signature Style – Check Out the Video!

Thousands of BJP supporters and locals warmly welcomed PM Modi upon his arrival in Varanasi. The people of Kashi enthusiastically greeted him during his road show through the city streets, and the video has gone viral on social media.

Kashi residents warmly greet PM Narendra Modi

Kashi residents warmly greet PM Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Varanasi on Sunday on a two-day visit. The Prime Minister came to Varanasi to inaugurate a bunch of development projects, including the inauguration of the second phase of the Kashi-Tamil Sangam event. He will also inaugurate a new train from Kanyakumari to Varanasi. Naturally, the Prime Minister’s visit has created a frenzy among the people of Varanasi. When the Prime Minister landed at the Varanasi airport on this day, thousands of BJP workers and supporters of the locals appeared there to welcome him. Then the people of Kashi greeted the Prime Minister in their style when the Prime Minister started his road show on the streets of Varanasi. His video is currently viral on social media.

In the viral video, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s convoy is seen proceeding through the streets of Varanasi. Modi is sitting in a black car right in front of that convoy and sitting in the front seat of the car and waving at the people through the window. And many people have gathered on the other side of the barricade to see him. All of them wear ocher robes as if all the monks of Kashi were welcoming the Prime Minister to this holy land. Everyone is welcoming PM Modi by throwing flowers and blowing conch shells. It can be said that Kashi welcomed Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his style, which is unprecedented.

On this day, Varanasi witnessed another unprecedented incident. On seeing the ambulance behind during the road show, the Prime Minister stopped the convoy and left the road for the ambulance to go ahead. The incident of the Prime Minister stopping the convoy and allowing the ambulance to pass through the security ring is particularly significant.