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Embracing our Roots: Muslim National Forum Advocates Unity through Ancestry, Culture, and Tradition

The workshop highlighted Islamic principles advocating love for one’s country, emphasizing that while religions may change, ancestors, traditions, and culture remain constant.

Muslim Rashtriya Manch

Muslim Rashtriya Manch

The Muslim Rashtriya Manch is dedicated to promoting the “Come Join the Roots” campaign nationwide to fortify the unity, integrity, sovereignty, and harmony of our country. The core principle of “Let’s connect with the roots” emphasizes serving, protecting, and advancing the lineage of our birth, regardless of our chosen faith. The resolution underscores that as Hindustani Muslims, we are intrinsically tied to our country, culture, and elders.

Focus on Conflict Management, Uniform Civil Code (UCC), Patriotism, and Positioning India as a Global Leader during the Two-day Workshop

In a two-day workshop chaired by senior Sangh leader and chief patron, Indresh Kumar, the Muslim Rashtriya Manch reached unanimous decisions on critical issues, including Shri Ram, UCC, divorce, hijab, places of worship on disputed land, ancestors, traditions, culture, patriotism, and Indianness. The workshop, attended by over 500 participants, featured prominent figures from diverse backgrounds, including Muslims who had visited the Shri Ram temple in Ayodhya, highlighting unity.

National Convener Shahid Akhtar clarified that “joining the roots” doesn’t imply religious conversion but urges individuals to connect with their traditions and ancestors. Stressing the importance of conflict management courses in universities, Akhtar emphasized the initiative’s role in fostering understanding and dismantling fanaticism and communalism.

Addressing the gathering, Indresh Kumar advocated for knowing our genealogy (Sijre) to understand our roots and unite the country. He highlighted the global impact of terrorism, asserting that religious and fundamentalist views breed hostility. Kumar praised the Indian government’s humanitarian efforts, citing assistance to Gaza and commending the Modi government’s role in G20.

President of the Forum, Mohammad Afzal, urged unity, emphasizing shared ancestors, culture, and civilization, dismissing attempts to sow discord between Hindus and Muslims. The workshop concluded with a unanimous commitment to follow one’s religion, respect others, and strive for a nation free from conflicts, riots, and untouchability. The support for UCC, one flag, one country, and one constitution was underscored for national cohesion.

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Participants rejected insults to other religions and the demolition of religious places, asserting that such practices contradict Islamic values.

The discourse also covered the issue of divorce, with participants unanimously agreeing that divorce, particularly of anger, hatred, and violence, is incompatible with Islamic principles, fostering mutual harmony.

The Muslim Rashtriya Manch remains committed to promoting unity, tolerance, and understanding among diverse communities in India, contributing to a harmonious and prosperous nation.