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Dr. Dinesh Sharma Emphasizes the Incomparable Contribution of Saints in Preserving Sanatan Culture

MP Dr. Dinesh Sharma, Former Deputy Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, affirms that the presence of saints brings forth a spiritual spring, invoking divine blessings and sanctity.

In a grand assembly of saints at Shrimad Bhagwat Katha organized by Mahamandaleshwar Shri Shri 1008 Shri Mahant Vijay Das Bhaiya Ji Maharaj Ji at Shri Anand Dham Ashram in Faridabad, Ballabhgarh, Haryana, Chief Guest Dr. MP Sharma expressed profound admiration for Mahant Nritya Gopal Das Ji’s successor, Pujya Kamal Nayandas Ji Maharaj. Dr Dinesh Sharma acknowledged the saint’s simplicity and described him as a true seeker.

Despite prior commitments to visit Tamil Nadu and Delhi, Dr. Sharma chose to attend the saint’s program, emphasizing the profound impact of a saint’s blessings. He underscored the invaluable contribution of the Sant tradition in preserving the essence of Sanatan culture.

Recalling an encounter with a saint’s disciples, Dr Dinesh Sharma shared a story where the disciples sought guidance on reaching God. The Guru’s response emphasized the significance of selfless service, highlighting the cultural distinction between India and foreign nations. Dr Dinesh Sharma noted that while foreign cultures often stress earning to eat, India’s Sanatan culture promotes the idea that one who earns should also feed others, fostering a sense of community.

Dr Sharma expressed pride in India’s cultural richness, attributing the country’s leadership on the global stage to its enduring traditions. He pointed out that India’s cultural influence has even led foreigners to recite “Ram-Ram” on Indian streets and embrace the ethos of serving society.

As the nation gears up for the historic event on January 22, the inauguration of the Ram temple in Ayodhya, Dr. Sharma predicted a surge of enthusiasm among Sanatan Dharma followers. He highlighted the growing wave of devotion to Lord Ram across the country and anticipated public support for those advocating the construction of the Ram temple.

Reflecting on the power of Ram’s name, Dr. Sharma narrated a story from the Ramayana, emphasizing that chanting the name of Ram holds more significance than any material act. He cautioned against undermining the reverence for Lord Ram and the upcoming Ram temple.

The former Deputy Chief Minister concluded by expressing optimism that on January 22, the long-awaited dream of millions would be realized as Ram Lalla is enshrined in the sanctum sanctorum of the Ram temple. He credited the saints’ blessings and the grace of Ram for India’s rising prominence in the world.

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The event witnessed the presence of eminent saints and Mahamandaleshwars, including Sri Sri 1008 Sri Mahant Vijay Das Bhaiya Ji Maharaj, Param Pujya Yatindranand Giri Ji Maharaj, Jagatguru Vaidehi Ji Maharaj, Mahant Parshuram Das Ji Maharaj (Sodal), Swami Vedanand Giri Ji Maharaj, Respected Ramdas Ji Maharaj Ji, along with Ashram’s Manager Mr. Sanjay Sharma and Mr. Ajay Mishra.