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Bharat Express’ Chief Upendrra Rai To Attend CMS International Children’s Film Festival As Chief Guest Of Closing Ceremony

Bharat Express Chairman Upendrra Rai has been invited as the chief guest by City Montessori School.

Upendrra Rai, Chairman, MD and Editor-in-Chief, Bharat Express News Network

Upendrra Rai, Chairman, MD and Editor-in-Chief, Bharat Express News Network

The world’s biggest international children’s film festival is being organized by the City Montessori School in Lucknow. The International Children’s Film Festival has been held at Lucknow’s CMS, station road, from April 10 to April 18. This international film festival will run for nine days through April 18. The WUCC main auditorium and seven other converted mini-theatres in the WUCC complex will be the venue for screenings of films in this children’s film festival. Because admission is free, these films for children do not require tickets.

City Montessori School (CMS), Lucknow, actively encourages a number of schools in the city to visit the WUCC venue at CMS Kanpur Road Campus to view these inspiring, value-based children’s films as part of its social responsibility and meaningful contribution to society. On Sunday, April 15, many street children supported by NGOs, special (mentally and physically challenged) children, and children from government-destitute homes will attend the film shows and enjoy the films.

From April 10 to 18, an estimated number of children are watching these films daily, starting on Day 1. 10,000 (5,000) for each show. If you do the math, you’ll find that in nine days, approximately 90,000 kids from many schools in the city would have seen these good, character-driven, value-based films at the theatre!

The Chairman, MD, and Editor-in-Chief of Bharat Express News Network, Upendrra Rai will attend the closing ceremony of this mega event which will take place on April 18 after the screening of a number of films for one week.

The International Children’s Film Festival will conclude on April 18, which will be inaugurated by the chief guest Upendra Rai, Chairman, MD and Editor-in-Chief of Bharat Express. Singer Vivek Prakash, actress Renita Kapoor and actor and theatre artist Anil Rastogi will encourage thousands of children present on this occasion.

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During this nine-day programme of the International Children’s Film Festival, around 612 magnificent children’s educational films from 104 nations are being showcased for free. Moreover, this film festival has also featured a number of notable film industry figures. The programme of the festival has been divided into the categories of Feature Fiction, Short Fiction, Feature Animation, Short Animation, and Short Documentary.