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Amritpal Singh, Khalistani Preacher Likely To Surrender Today: Reports

Meanwhile, the Punjab Police has declared a high state of alert and are looking to arrest Amritpal Singh and not allow him to surrender

Surrender Amritpal Singh

Amritpal Singh likely to surrender today

Pro-Khalistani leader and radical preacher Amritpal Singh is likely to surrender today, media reports said. He is likely to present himself before Akal Takht.

Amritpal is likely to surrender today

According to the media report, the radical preacher might surrender in Bathinda or Amritsar. Meanwhile, the Punjab Police has declared a high state of alert.

Moreover, a massive search operation was launched in a Hoshiapur village late Tuesday night after some of the suspects abandoned their vehicle following a chase.

As per the reports, the Khalistani leader Amritpal is looking to surrender before the Jathedar of Akal Takht ahead of the top Sikh body had given the AAP-led Punjab government an ultimatum to release all those arrested during the Police crackdown on Amritpal Singh.

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Ultimatum by Akal Takht Jathedar

On Tuesday, sharing a post on Facebook, the Jathedar wrote, “Bhagwant Maan ji as you represent Punjab, I am also a humble representative of my ‘qaum’ (community).” “I also have the right and my duty to speak about the rights of the innocent youth of my ‘qaum’,” said the Jathedar.

While referring to the ultimatum, he said, “First, let’s save Punjab together and unite the mothers waiting for their innocent sons who have been put in jail and get their blessings.”