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Ambassador Of Montenegro Janice Darbari Welcomed By LG VK Saxena In Delhi

Dr. Janice Darbari belongs to the same corporation family. Janice is the granddaughter of J. Nigam.

Janice Darbari

Janice Darbari

Dr. Janis Darbari, the Montenegrin ambassador, arrived in Delhi. The national capital’s LG VK Saxena honored and welcomed him.

Janice Darbari gave a presentation about her book Administrator, which is based on the August 9, 1942, battle between the Indian Civil Service and the British Raj. Please let others know that Janice recently visited Ballia, UP.

Let us inform you that the national holiday of Independence Day is observed everywhere. India gained its independence on August 15, 1947. However, there is a district in Uttar Pradesh that was liberated on August 20, 1942, by itself.

At that time, independence fighter Chittu Pandey received the paper in a ceremonial ceremony from the then-British collector J. Nigam. Please be informed that Dr. Janice Darbari is a member of the same corporate family. J. Nigam’s granddaughter is Janice.

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