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Allahabad HC Upholds 43-Year-Old School Dispute Murder Verdict

The Allahabad HC upheld the trial court’s verdict, sentencing a person to life imprisonment for a murder linked to a school dispute 43 years ago.


The Allahabad High Court has upheld the trial court’s verdict, condemning an individual to life imprisonment for a murder related to a school dispute that occurred 43 years ago in the Taraiya Sujan area of Deoria.

The court affirmed that the prosecution has effectively established the guilt of the accused beyond reasonable doubt for the grave offense.

Furthermore, the court has ordered the accused, who had been on bail, to surrender before the court to serve their sentences.

The court has resolved an appeal regarding one of the accused who passed away during the trial.

Justices Rajiv Gupta and Shiv Shankar Prasad delivered the ruling upon the appeal filed by the state government.

The court has rejected the appeal of the remaining accused, Hari Shankar Rai, and instructed to execute the sentence.

Case Overview:

On December 13, 1979, authorities filed the first information report at the Taraiya Sujan police station, alleging Hari Shankar Rai and Mahendra Rai for the murder of their brother, Krishna Rai.

Krishna Kumar was a student at Lok Manya Inter College, where accused Hari Shankar Rai, alias Chhote, also attended classes.

A dispute had arisen between Krishna Kumar and Hari Shankar Rai a few days before the incident.

On December 13, 1979, while Krishna Kumar was about to have tea, both accused assaulted him with a knife, resulting in his injury and subsequent death at a government hospital where he was taken for treatment.

The trial court sentenced Mahendra to four years’ imprisonment under Section 304, while Hari Shankar Rai received a life sentence.

Hari Shankar Rai later contested the trial court’s verdict.

As this case nears conclusion, we anticipate that the judiciary’s decision will bring comfort to the bereaved family.

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