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After ₹1,800 Crore Tax Notice, Rahul Gandhi Vows Action: ‘When Government Changes…’

The Congress is already facing a funds crunch after the Income Tax authorities imposed a penalty of ₹ 200 crore and froze its funds

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi today vowed that the party would take decisive action against those responsible for undermining democracy, promising swift measures once the government changes hands. This declaration comes in response to the Congress receiving a hefty ₹1,800 crore income tax notice, which it has labeled as “tax terrorism.”

The fresh tax notice, spanning the assessment years 2017-18 to 2020-21 and inclusive of penalties and interest, has added to the Congress’s financial woes. Already grappling with a funds freeze and a ₹200 crore penalty imposed by the Income Tax authorities, the party’s relief efforts from the high court have been unsuccessful. With the Lok Sabha elections looming, the Congress is now gearing up to take its case to the Supreme Court.

Accusing central departments like the income tax of operating under the influence of the BJP, Rahul Gandhi asserted the Congress’s readiness to engage in a protracted legal battle to challenge the tax demands. Allegations have also been levied against the BJP, with Congress leaders such as Ajay Maken and Jairam Ramesh demanding a thorough investigation into the ruling party’s finances.

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Highlighting discrepancies in the BJP’s financial disclosures to the Election Commission, particularly regarding donations, the Congress has called for accountability. Ajay Maken emphasized the mandatory disclosure requirements for political parties, citing BJP’s alleged non-compliance.

Jairam Ramesh further accused the BJP of orchestrating an “electoral bonds scam,” purportedly amassing ₹8,200 crore through illicit means. Despite these challenges, Congress remains resolute in its determination to withstand attempts to undermine its financial stability.

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“Efforts to financially incapacitate the Congress will not deter us,” affirmed Jairam Ramesh, reflecting the party’s resolve to confront adversity head-on