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Reliance Director Isha Ambani Encourages Girls At ICT Day India 2024

Isha M. Ambani, Reliance Director, underscores the urgent need to bridge gender gap in technology sector at the ICT Day India 2024.


In a stirring address at the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Day India 2024 event, Isha M. Ambani, Director of Reliance Industries Limited, highlighted the urgent need to bridge the gender gap in the technology sector.

‘Girls, Torchbearers Of A New India’

Speaking to a diverse audience, including young girls considered as the torchbearers of a new India, Isha Ambani underscored the pivotal role of women in driving innovation and progress in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Acknowledging the transformative power of technology in reshaping society, the Reliance Director emphasized the importance of embracing change and encouraging young minds, especially girls, to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

She stressed that these fields hold the key to unlocking India’s potential and positioning it as a global leader in the digital era.

Despite advancements, Isha Ambani noted the persistent gender disparity in India’s tech workforce.

Citing statistics from NASSCOM and the World Bank, she revealed that while women constitute 36% of the tech workforce, their representation dwindles significantly in leadership positions.

This underrepresentation, the Reliance Director argued, not only perpetuates gender bias but also hinders innovation and societal progress.

Isha Ambani advocated for a comprehensive strategy to address this issue, calling for systemic changes in societal frameworks, educational systems, and corporate practices.

She urged stakeholders to nurture female talent from the early stages of their careers, ensuring equal opportunities for growth and advancement.

Furthermore, Isha Ambani emphasized the role of government policies and industry initiatives in promoting gender equality in STEM and ICT.

Highlighting the leadership potential of women, she emphasized the need to dismantle barriers that impede their professional growth.

Drawing from personal experiences and insights shared by her mother, Nita Ambani, she emphasized the innate qualities of empathy and selflessness that make women effective leaders.

Isha Ambani called for concerted efforts to empower women and create an inclusive environment where their contributions are valued and recognized.

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