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India Emerges As Data Centre Powerhouse In Asia-Pacific Region

India now leads in data centre capacity across the Asia-Pacific region, surpassing countries like Australia, Hong Kong SAR, Japan, Singapore, and Korea with a total capacity of 950 MW.


In a significant development, India has solidified its position as a dominant player in the data centre landscape, surpassing major nations including Australia, Hong Kong SAR, Japan, Singapore, and Korea.

According to a recent private report released on Wednesday, India now boasts the highest data centre capacity in the Asia-Pacific region (excluding China), standing at an impressive 950 MW.

The report, conducted by real estate consultancy CBRE, predicts further strides for India in the realm of data infrastructure.

The forecast anticipates that India will witness the highest capacity addition in the forthcoming years. During the period spanning 2024 to 2026, stakeholders aim to add an estimated 850 MW.

This projection surpasses the growth anticipated in other major Asia-Pacific countries.

Highlighting the burgeoning potential of India’s data centre sector, the report underscores its resilience and attractiveness to investors seeking lucrative returns.

It notes that between 2018 and 2023, India secured investment commitments exceeding USD 40 billion from both global and domestic investors, signaling robust confidence in the market’s trajectory.

The data from the report further indicates a remarkable uptick in India’s data centre infrastructure.

In 2023 alone, there was a substantial addition of 255 MW of new supply, marking a significant increase from the 200 MW added in 2022.

Consequently, by the end of 2023, the total stock of data centre capacity in India reached approximately 1,030 MW.

Buoyed by this accelerated growth momentum, the report forecasts a continued expansion in 2024, with plans underway to introduce over 330 MW of new supply across various cities.

This surge in supply is anticipated to propel annual growth by 30 per cent, potentially pushing the total data centre capacity to around 1,370 MW by the end of 2024.

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