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Oracle’s Cost-Cutting Measures Result in Over 3,000 Layoffs from Healthcare Database Unit

Oracle’s Workforce Shakeup: 3,000+ Employees Displaced in Healthcare Database Unit



Oracle, a prominent cloud provider, has implemented a workforce reduction of over 3,000 employees at Cerner, an electronic healthcare records firm that Oracle acquired for $28.4 billion, according to an IANS report.  The report states that Oracle has recently halted raises and promotions while laying off thousands of employees within the unit. These actions come after the acquisition was finalized in June of last year, as mentioned by current and former employees.

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The acquisition of Cerner resulted in approximately 28,000 employees joining Oracle. However, Oracle has chosen not to provide raises or promotions to these employees and made an announcement earlier this year stating that workers should not anticipate any such benefits until 2023.

Oracle has reportedly conducted layoffs that impacted various teams, including marketing, engineering, accounting, legal, and product. Additionally, Oracle, a major cloud provider, is working on the development of a national health records database. The data stored in this database would remain anonymous until individuals provide their consent to share their information, as stated by Oracle’s Chairman and Chief Technology Officer, Larry Ellison.

Oracle’s Chairman and Chief Technology Officer, Larry Ellison, has provided assurance that the database being developed by Oracle will anonymize all patient data. Cerner, a prominent provider of digital information systems for hospitals and healthcare systems, plays a key role in enabling healthcare professionals to deliver improved medical care to individuals and communities. Oracle’s forthcoming health records database will incorporate the patient engagement system that the company has been working on during the pandemic.

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The primary focus of the cloud company is to enhance the patient engagement system by incorporating the capability to gather data from wearable devices and home diagnostic tools.

Amid ongoing tech layoffs, Amazon is said to be terminating 500 employees in India across various sectors and roles. Back in March, Amazon had announced its intentions to reduce its workforce by approximately 9,000 positions within its cloud services, advertising, and Twitch divisions due to concerns about an economic downturn.