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UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Hindu Faith: A Source Of Guiding Values

Rishi Sunak’s recent address at the ‘Ram Katha’ event highlights how his Hindu faith fuels his leadership, instilling courage, strength, and resilience in his role as a leader.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak attended a 'Ram Katha' by spiritual preacher Morari Bapu.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak attended a 'Ram Katha' by spiritual preacher Morari Bapu.

In a recent address at the ongoing ‘Ram Katha’ event by spiritual leader Morari Bapu at Jesus College, University of Cambridge, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak opened up about how his Hindu faith shapes his role as a leader. He emphasized that his faith provides him with the “courage, strength, and resilience” needed to fulfill his responsibilities as the nation’s leader.

Addressing the gathering, Sunak differentiated himself, saying, “Bapu, I am here today not as a Prime Minister, but as a Hindu.”

His address offered insights into the deeply personal connection between his faith and his leadership approach, highlighting the profound influence it has on his life choices.

Faith’s Impact on Leadership: A Personal Perspective

The Prime Minister acknowledged the honor and challenges that come with his role.

“For me, faith is very personal. It guides me in every aspect of my life. Being Prime Minister is a great honour, but it is not an easy job. There are difficult decisions to make, hard choices to confront and our faith gives me courage, strength, and resilience to do the best that I can for our country,” he said.

Sunak reminisced about a significant moment when he lit Diwali diyas outside No. 11 Downing Street in 2020 as the first British Indian Chancellor, connecting his faith to his responsibilities.

Embracing Wisdom and Reflection: Lord Hanuman and Leadership

Pointing to the backdrop of the ‘Ram Katha’ event with a golden image of Lord Hanuman, Sunak drew parallels to a golden Ganesha on his desk at 10 Downing Street.

“It is a constant reminder to me about listening and reflecting on issues before acting,” he shared.

Honoring Ancestral Efforts: A Call for Generational Giving

Referencing the immigrant history of his family, Sunak acknowledged the sacrifices made by earlier generations that allowed his own generation greater opportunities. He emphasized the need for his generation to give back, showing gratitude for the hard work and sacrifices of their forebears.

“Today, I want to say thank you to the generation who worked day and night for our education and our today … now is the time for our generation to give back,” he said.

Concluding his address, Sunak reflected on the teachings of the ‘Ramayana,’ ‘Bhagavad Gita,’ and ‘Hanuman Chalisa.’

He stated, “Lord Ram will always be an inspirational figure to face life’s challenges with courage, to govern with humility and to work selflessly.”

A Unified Blessing: Symbolic Aarti with Morari Bapu

Sunak concluded his speech with the words ‘Jai Siya Ram’ and participated in an aarti on stage with Morari Bapu, seeking blessings for his service to the people of Britain.

Earlier, Morari Bapu celebrated India’s Independence Day with British Indian peer Lord Dolar Popat through a flag hoisting event at the University of Cambridge, highlighting the alignment of Sunak’s gesture of offering food as prasad to volunteers with traditional Indian values.

As the nine-day Ram Katha continues at Cambridge University, Sunak received a consecrated Shivlinga from the Somnath temple as a sacred offering.

The event commenced on Saturday and will run until August 20, showcasing the deep spiritual connection and commitment to values in leadership.