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The Japanese Ambassador Dances To “Kaavaalaa” With a Popular YouTuber, Says “My Love For Rajinikanth”

For the dance, Hiroshi Suzuki collaborated with popular Japanese Youtuber Mayo San.

The Japanese ambassador dances on Kaavaalaa

The Japanese ambassador dances on Kaavaalaa

The public has been captivated by the song “Kaavaalaa” from the Rajinikanth movie “Jailer” because of actress Tamannaah and her incredibly energizing dance routines. On social media, the song and the hook step are already extremely popular, and many followers and influencers have started posting their own renditions of the upbeat music.

The Japanese ambassador dances on Kaavaalaa

The Japanese ambassador to India has already joined the movement and shown his support for Rajinikanth, a popular actor. Hiroshi Suzuki worked on the dance with well-known Japanese YouTuber Mayo San. The pair nailed the hook step and expertly mimicked the popular song’s dance moves.

What did the caption say?

The caption for the video that he posted on his X account read, “Kaavaalaa dancing video with Japanese YouTuber Mayo san (@MayoLoveIndia). My devotion to Rajinikanth endures.

Social Media reacts

Internet fans applauded Mr. Suzuki and Ms. San and expressed awe at the performance. Amazing to watch Mayo san merge #Kaavaalaa dances with Japanese flair while dancing! one commenter exclaimed. “Rajinikanth’s impact crosses oceans!”

Very impressive Mr. Ambassador, said one person We appreciate your love, sir, a third person remarked, and we hope the jailer will soon be released in Japanese so you can travel to Japan and enjoy the festivities.

”Great performance by Suzuki san and Mayo san,” said a fourth. You are now a Bollywood dance pro. Another person wrote, “Diplomacy between India and Japan with a Thalaivar touch!”
In the past, Mr. Suzuki engaged in the “Thalaivar Challenge,” which required him to flick his glasses like Mr. Rajnikanth as a way of demonstrating his admiration for the celebrity.