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Intern Asked For 50,000 As Stipend For 5 Hours Of Work, Online Debate Starts

According to Ms. Khan’s tweet, she was interviewing a Gen Z intern who wanted to maintain a work-life balance and only work five hours per day.

The intern asked for $50,000 for 5 hours of work

The intern asked for $50,000 for 5 hours of work

The Director of People Success at Infeedo, Sameera Khan, recently shared her experience interviewing a Gen Z intern on Twitter. Her article has generated a discussion on Twitter regarding the work-life balance that Gen Z professionals want.

The intern asked for $50,000 for 5 hours of work

In her now-viral article, Ms. Khan noted that she was interviewing a Gen Z intern who wanted to find a balance between work and life and not put in more than five hours a day. She commented, “I interviewed a Gen Z intern today, and he said he was looking for work-life balance with no more than 5 hours of work.”

Also highlighted by the intern was his dislike of MNC culture and desire to work for a startup. dislikes the culture of MNCs and wants to work for a startup. wants a 40–50k stipend in addition. Godspeed to the world of labor. The needs of Generation Z spurred discussion on social media.

Internet reacts

5 hours of everyday work at a start-up?, wrote one user. Cool….cool”

For five years, he must put in 100 hours per week to get a senior job in big tech. Then he can earn between 40 and 50 lakhs with less effort,” another user on Twitter commented.

Very true! I recently met a young cousin who refused to work a “9-5” because it interfered with his “prime gaming hours.” The third user remarked, “The future is exciting.

There was a group of people who agreed with Gen Z’s perspective on work.

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On the contrary, we’ve had positive experiences, a user said. Through process excellence, our Generation Z interns proactively increased one of our teams’ productivity by four times. They function fairly well when given leadership and some tough love. They’re prepared to go above and beyond because they’re afraid of the recession. There will probably always be a few bad apples.

Furthermore, he will abruptly resign after training in three months and declare, “Maza nahi aa raha hai,” according to another user.