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“Wanted To Be Famous,” Atiq’s Killers Told Police, Families Revealed They Were Not In Touch

As per the sources, all three have criminal records and their families have said that they have nothing to do with them…


Atiq's Killers said they wanted to be famous

Three killers have been arrested on Saturday night for allegedly killing gangster-turned-politician Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf when they were in police custody. During the interrogation, the three accused revealed that they “wanted to become famous.”

According to the police, the killed have been identified as Lovlesh Tewari, Sunny Singh, and Arun Maurya, who posed as journalists and killed Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf at point-blank range while they were speaking to reporters in Prayagraj. The whole horrifying incident was caught on cameras and now the footages are all over the internet.

All three have criminal records

As per the sources, all three have criminal records. Their families have said that they have nothing to do with them. Earlier, Lovelesh Tewari was behind bars as well.

Speaking to the media, Lovelesh’s father said that the family has nothing to do with him. Lovelesh visited home at times, and was in Banda five-six days back as well, the father said.

‘Nothing to do with this’

“He is my son. We saw the incident on TV. We are not aware of the actions of Lovelesh nor do we have anything to do with this. He never lived here, and neither was he involved in our family affairs. He did not tell us anything and came here five to six days ago. We have not been on talking terms with him for years. There is already a case registered against him. He was jailed in that case,” Yagya Tiwari, Lovelesh’s father, said. His father added, “He doesn’t work. He was a drug addict. We have four children. We have nothing to say about this.”

‘We live separately’

Moreover, another accused, Sunny has been registered against 14 cases. Also, he has been on the run since being declared a history-sheeter. Taking notes from his family background, his father had died, and he left home after selling off his share of the ancestral property. Sunny hasn’t visited his family, his mother and brother, for over five years now. His brother runs a tea stall.

Sunny brother, Pintu Singh said, “He used to wander around and did no work. We live separately and don’t know how he became a criminal. We have no idea about the incident.”

The third killer, Arun had left home as a child. His name appeared in connection with the murder of a policeman on a train in 2010, sources said. He worked at a factory in Delhi.

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Killer wanted to become famous

The accused told the police during questioning that they wanted to become notorious criminals, which is why they murdered Atiq. However, the police don’t believe their confession yet, sources said. There are gaps in their testimonies, and the police will continue investigating, they said.