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Top police officers make juniors a scapegoat in drone security breach

Gymkhana Club: sinking under dark corruption clouds

Gymkhana Club: sinking under dark corruption clouds

The serious case of flying a drone with camera near the Prime Minister’s residence by the management of Gymkhana Club has become a bone of contention for Delhi Police. In this case, all the evidence and complaints were given to the police. But under the pressure of a retired officer from IB, the officials have not yet registered the FIR.

If sources are to be believed, the same officers, who were till yesterday, making mockery of security rules due to pressure, now after intervention of the court, have made SHO, Chanakyauri a scapegoat and suspended him.

The huge corruption of Gymkhana Club has crossed the boundary wall of the Ministry of Company Affairs and now it has started troubling Delhi Police as well. Till now there were allegations that despite direct intervention of Government of India, the officials and appointees of Ministry of Corporate Affairs are not investigating financial irregularities and scams. Members allege that few retired bureaucrats appointed as administrators and directors, turn the club into a safe haven.

Surprisingly, allegations have also been leveled against a BJP leader who is also director. Perhaps this is one reason why directors appointed to investigate dark truth of Gymkhana, have got entangled in allegations and complaints. Allegedly negligence is clear in investigation of all complaints related to Gymkhana. Due to this, Economic Offences Wing, famous for investigating special cases and local police officers are also  getting tainted.

Drone camera controversy turned into security crisis

In August last year, during Amrit Mahotsav of Independence, few  directors of Gymkhana Club took out staff Tiranga Yatra here which was stopped by police. A director was flying a drone to videograph this yatra. Whereas due to adjacent wall of the Prime Minister’s residence, it is publicly prohibited to fly even helium balloons in this area. The SPG worried for security of the Prime Minister, wrote a strong letter to police. But shockingly then Deputy Commissioner of Police, Amruta Guguloth, despite knowing the facts, denied to media the drone flying incident without any investigation.

Did high official obstruct FIR?

According to sources, due to intervention of a top police officer, FIR  was not registered even after six months by SHO. A director in Gymkhana had held a high position in IB. Due to his influence, Delhi Police paid no attention to security breaches of the Prime Minister’s residence. Because of pressure, police did not enter Gymkhana or register case. One of these officers is said to be close to many Congress leaders also.

Court has demanded report

When Chanakyapuri police continued to suppress the case even after receiving video recordings and many complaints, a complainant filed  case in the Patiala House court. Following this, the court issued a notice to Chanakyapuri Police Station asking, if the police has received any complaints. If yes, was the matter investigated? If the investigation was done, where is the report? If the facts out of the investigation were cognizable, has case been registered? Now the police have to submit its  investigation report by March 31.

SHO responsible or made a scapegoat?

Till yesterday, top officers did not pay any heed to security rules under pressure, are now trying to keep themself safe. Sources say, they were obstructing FIR registration and then made the SHO a scapegoat. It is surprising that cover-up was tried in serious violations of security of the Prime Minister. May be, it’s because one of the accused in the case is a retired Income Tax Commissioner.

Contrary tone of the top officials

No one in Delhi Police is ready to speak openly regarding the suspension  of Chanakyapuri SHO, Sanjeev Verma for not entering Gymkhana. Now the new DCP, Pranav Tayal said that this action has been taken for administrative reasons, which cannot be disclosed.