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Shocking Revelations Come Up In Ujjain Rape Incident: Read to Know

After the incident, the young girl was left half-naked, and CCTV footage shows a guy shooing her away.

Ujjain Rape Incident

Ujjain Rape Incident

Ujjain Rape Incident: Security footage from a neighborhood in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, shows a young girl who had been raped and was bleeding go door to door asking for aid but was refused. In response to claims that locals in Ujjain refused to assist the 15-year-old, Ujjain police head Sachin Sharma disagreed, claiming they gave her money instead. The sum total of the money was Rs.120

At least 7-8 people tried to help

“There were mixed responses. People in the localities she passed through had helped her. Some gave her ₹ 50, others gave ₹ 100. She crossed a toll booth on the way. The staff there gave her money and some clothes. At least 7-8 people tried to help,” the officer said.

After the incident, the young girl was left half-naked, and CCTV footage shows a guy shooing her away. At an ashram, where a priest offered her his clothes and dialed the police, she eventually received assistance. She was taken to the hospital in a hurry after the police arrived twenty minutes later.

On the visuals of the man turning away the teen, the senior police officer said, “We traced the video and questioned people in that area. When we found her, she had 120 rupees that people from the locality had given her.”

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Victim of Ujjain rape incident was mentally unstable!

When it was pointed out that, given the circumstances, the girl required medical care more than money, the officer Sachin Sharma replied, “People may have had reservations. But financially, they tried to help her as much as they could.”

The child was reportedly approaching others and informing them that someone was following her rather than specifically asking for assistance, according to the police officer. “In the statements we have recorded, people have told her that she was repeatedly saying, ‘I am in danger, someone is behind me’. So she was not stable, people responded accordingly,” he said.

The girl had quite critical injuries, but her condition is now stable. So far, there have been no arrests in this case.