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Security Forces’ Success: 29 Naxals Eliminated In Kanker Encounter, Praised by Chhattisgarh CM

The CM noted the Naxalites’ attempt to disrupt the upcoming elections in the Bastar region, scheduled for April 19.

kanker encounter

Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Vishnu Deo Sai

Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Vishnu Deo Sai commended the DRG and BSF personnel for their successful operation resulting in the demise of 29 Naxalites during an encounter in the Kanker district. Describing it as a significant achievement, Sai highlighted the joint effort of DRG and BSF in the Binagunda-Koragutta jungles of the Chhottebetiya Police Station area. He congratulated all involved security personnel and wished a speedy recovery for the three injured jawans.

The CM noted the Naxalites’ attempt to disrupt the upcoming elections in the Bastar region, scheduled for April 19. Emphasizing the government’s commitment to development in Naxal-affected areas through initiatives like the ‘Niyad Nellanar’ scheme, Sai echoed Home Minister Amit Shah’s stance to eradicate naxalism and encourage their integration into mainstream society.

Deputy CM Vijay Sharma visited the injured jawans at a Raipur hospital, hailing the operation as akin to a surgical strike and expressing hope for further success. Kanker SP Indira Kalyan Elesela disclosed that the Naxals had assembled with intentions of inciting violence ahead of the polls, underscoring the significance of the encounter in thwarting their plans.

The police confirmed the exchange of fire between Naxals and security forces in the Binagunda-Koragutta jungles, leading to the recovery of 29 Naxal bodies and a substantial cache of weaponry including AK-47 rifles, INSAS/SLR/Carbine/.303 rifles, and ammunition. Additionally, three jawans sustained injuries during the encounter, with their condition reported to be stable.

The operation’s success signals a significant blow to Naxal activities in the region and reinforces the government’s resolve to maintain peace and security, particularly during the electoral process. With elections looming, such decisive actions by security forces bolster public confidence and demonstrate a firm stance against any attempts to disrupt democratic processes. The state remains vigilant, emphasizing both the necessity of dialogue and the readiness to confront threats to ensure the safety and well-being of its citizens.

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