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PM Modi Expresses Gratitude In Response To President’s Letter After Returning From Consecration Ceremony In Ayodhya

In his response, PM Modi expressed deep gratitude for the President’s good wishes and affection, highlighting the compassionate nature reflected in every word of the letter.

On January 22, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Ram temple in Ayodhya, marking a momentous occasion in the nation’s history. The consecration included the installation of the statue depicting the child form of Lord Ramlala in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. Upon his return to Delhi from the Ayodhya tour, PM Modi responded to a letter from the President, sharing his profound sentiments, which he also posted on the social media platform X.


PM’s response to the letter

In his response, PM Modi expressed deep gratitude for the President’s good wishes and affection, highlighting the compassionate nature reflected in every word of the letter. He described Ayodhya as an unforgettable experience that left an enduring impact on his mind. The Prime Minister acknowledged the emotional support provided by the President’s letter, aiding him in handling the overwhelming feelings associated with the sacred pilgrimage.

PM Modi emphasized that his visit to Ayodhya was undertaken as a pilgrim, with a mind overwhelmed by various emotions upon witnessing the confluence of faith and history in the sacred land. He described Ayodhya as a place that would forever remain in his thoughts.

Privilege to witness such a historic occasion- PM

Reflecting on the historic occasion, PM Modi deemed it both a privilege and a responsibility to be a witness to the consecration of the Ram temple. He acknowledged the President’s discussion about the fasting rituals and Yama-Niyams, underscoring the centuries-long vows kept by countless individuals for Ramlala to return to his birthplace. PM Modi considered it a unique and emotional moment to be the conductor of Purnahuti for these enduring fasts and to welcome Ram Lalla with the participation of 40 crore countrymen, expressing gratitude for the blessings of Lord Shri Ram and the people of India.

PM Janman Yojana

PM Modi continued to expound on the profound impact of Lord Shri Ram’s teachings, not only as objects of worship but as sources of inspiration for every aspect of life, especially in social matters. He highlighted the President’s discussion on the ‘PM Janman’ scheme and its positive effects on the empowerment of extremely backward people in tribal societies. Drawing on their shared association with tribal societies, PM Modi stressed the cultural imperative to work for the most deprived sections of society.

The Prime Minister lauded initiatives like ‘PM Janman’ for bringing about significant positive changes in the lives of the countrymen. He asserted that the eternal thoughts of Lord Shri Ram provided constant energy for campaigns focused on the welfare and empowerment of the poor. PM Modi credited the enduring principles of Lord Shri Ram for India’s successful efforts in lifting 25 crore people out of poverty in the last decade.

In conclusion, PM Modi expressed confidence in the country’s continued progress and duty under the guidance of the President. He envisioned India’s glorious future based on the timeless thoughts of Lord Shri Ram, paving the way for development and success. The grand temple of Shri Ram, according to PM Modi, would serve as an ongoing inspiration to create new models of success and development, ultimately leading the nation towards a developed India by the year 2047. The Prime Minister extended thanks for the President’s inspiring words, expressing assurance that the country would continue moving forward on the path of progress with the President’s guidance.