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PM Modi Expresses Emotion Over Workers’ Affection, Shares Picture of BJP Leader Aswant Pijai

PM Modi expressed his gratitude for the dedication and loyalty of party workers, stating that he was moved by their love and affection.

Aswant Pijai extends a warm welcome to PM Modi

Aswant Pijai extends a warm welcome to PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi embarked on a one-day visit to Tamil Nadu today, where he was greeted by a warm reception from numerous BJP leaders upon his arrival at Chennai Airport. Among the crowd welcoming him was party worker Aswant Pijai, whose presence led to a heartfelt exchange that Prime Minister Modi later shared on social media.

Touching Interaction with Aswant Pijai

PM Modi recounted the poignant moment when Aswant Pijai informed him that his wife had recently given birth to twins, yet he had not been able to meet them. Touched by this revelation, PM Modi advised Pijai that his family should take precedence over any political obligations. He offered his blessings to Pijai and his family, acknowledging the significance of their bond.

Emotional Reflections on Party Workers

Sharing his sentiments in a social media post, PM Modi expressed his emotions upon witnessing the dedication and loyalty displayed by party workers like Aswant Pijai. He remarked on the overwhelming affection he receives from such interactions, underscoring the deep connection between leaders and grassroots supporters.

PM Modi’s Tamil Nadu Tour Highlights

During his visit, PM Modi inaugurated significant projects worth thousands of crores in Kalpakkam, demonstrating the government’s commitment to the development of Tamil Nadu. Additionally, he addressed a rally where he outlined the various schemes initiated by the Central Government aimed at fostering the growth and prosperity of the state.