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PM Modi Acknowledges Manmohan Singh’s Contributions Despite Ideological Differences

PM Modi recalled that last year, Manmohan Singh used a wheelchair to get to the Parliament to vote on a significant piece of legislation.

PM Modi praises Dr. Manmohan Singh

PM Modi praises Dr. Manmohan Singh

This morning, in a rare display of camaraderie, Prime Minister Narendra Modi complimented his predecessor Manmohan Singh in the parliament, calling him an “inspiration” for legislators.

PM Modi praises Dr. Manmohan Singh

The Prime Minister said goodbye to the departing members and recalled the time Mr. Singh showed up in a wheelchair at the Parliament to vote on a significant piece of legislation.

“I recall that during the House vote, it was anticipated that the Treasury Bench would prevail; however, Dr. Manmohan Singh cast a ballot while confined to a wheelchair. This demonstrates how a member is aware of his responsibilities. He was a model citizen,” he remarked.

It didn’t matter who Mr. Singh supported, according to the prime minister, who said he thought “he was only strengthening this democracy.”
“I pray that he lives long and keeps guiding us,” he continued.

During a debate on a significant bill that aimed to give the central government more authority to impose regulations on matters about the Delhi government, Mr. Singh arrived at the parliament in a wheelchair in August. He had also arrived in a wheelchair to cast his ballot during the presidential elections.

The Prime Minister acknowledged the enormous leadership and oppositional contributions made by Manmohan Singh. “Ideological differences are short-lived, but the way Manmohan Singh has guided this House and the country for such a long period, he will be remembered for his contributions during every discussion on our democracy,” he said.

The next speaker, Congress chief Mallikarjun Kharge, expressed gratitude to PM Modi for his remarks regarding Manmohan Singh.

“Manmohan Singh performed well. I appreciate the PM’s remarks. This is the proper state of affairs. Honor excellent work and call out poor performance, stated the Rajya Sabha Leader of the Opposition.

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Manmohan Singh, a six-time MP, has served as the country’s 13th Prime Minister between 2004 and 2014. He was also the Finance Minister in the PV Narasimha Rao government and RBI Governor from 1982-1985.