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Millennial Change Makers Conference And Awards 2023: A Celebration of Young Talent And Innovation

Enthusiastic participation is expected from children across the country, making this conference a platform for young minds to converge and exchange ideas.

Millennial Change Makers Conference And Awards 2023

Millennial Change Makers Conference And Awards 2023

The Millennial Change Makers Conference and Awards 2023 is poised to be a remarkable and diverse event, set to take place on December 22 at 5 PM in the prestigious India International Center in Delhi. Organized by the News X Media Foundation, this conference will feature a lineup of esteemed speakers, each with unique achievements:

Adya Bennur (9 years old): Hailing from Bengaluru, Adya is the youngest Indian girl to summit Mount Kilimanjaro at 8 and Everest Base Camp at 7.

Parisa Mehta (17 years old): An award-winning artist from Ahmedabad.

Master Prasann Batra (15 years old): A talented tabla player from Delhi.

Ms. Sakshi Sasane (22 years old): A creative entrepreneur making waves in Mumbai.

Anushka Jolly (17 years old): Founder of the KAVACH App, based in Delhi.

Master Arihan Singh Aga (17 years old): A tennis player creating awareness for museums.

Master Akshaj Kheterpal (17 years old): A budding scientist from Delhi.

Ms. Lisipriya (12 years old): The youngest climate activist in the world, hailing from Manipur.

Ms. Oorja Akshara Rai (18 years old): A singer and Kathak dancer from Delhi.

Master Saadyant Kaushal Rai (11 years old): A multi-talented artist, singer, painter, and guitarist from Delhi.

Master Udayan Mishra (11 years old): A football champion also from Delhi.

Ms. Aparajita Mishra (11 years old): A classical dancer, rounding out the impressive lineup

The meticulously organized event promises a diverse range of sessions, with enthusiastic participation expected from children across the country. This conference serves as a platform for young minds to converge, exchange ideas, and participate in compelling addresses. The highlight of the event will be the distribution of prestigious awards, recognizing and celebrating the exceptional talents of these young change-makers.

More than just a recognition ceremony, this conference aims to foster a spirit of dialogue, inspiration, and innovation among the future leaders of the nation. It stands as a testament to the potential and capabilities of the youth, offering them a stage to showcase their talents and contribute to the ongoing dialogue of positive change.