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Imran Khan Remembers Unique Fan Encounter in London: Asked to Park a Car

Imran Khan recounted an amusing incident during which a woman approached him to park her car, unaware of his identity.

Imran Khan spoke about a 'memorable encounter' with a fan in London.

Imran Khan spoke about a 'memorable encounter' with a fan in London.

After a prolonged absence from the limelight, actor Imran Khan has returned. He graced the cover of Vogue India, marking his resurgence in the public eye. In a recent interview with the magazine, Imran shared an amusing anecdote about a fan encounter in London. The actor recounted how a woman approached him and requested assistance parking her car, oblivious to his identity. Imran graciously fulfilled the request, only for another woman seated in the passenger seat to recognize him.

Imran Khan recalls how a fan asked him for help

During a recent interview, Imran Khan shared his most memorable fan encounter, recalling an incident in London. He described how he was approached by a woman struggling to parallel park her car. Imran graciously accepted her request for assistance and successfully parked the car, all while another woman in the passenger seat remained unaware of his identity. It was only after the task was completed that the passenger recognized him, expressing surprise and excitement.

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Imran Khan’s low phase

In his cover interview with Vogue India, Imran Khan shared intimate details about his personal life, including his decision to sell his car and bungalow to prioritize his well-being for the sake of his daughter, Imara, whom he shares with ex-wife Avantika Malik. Imran opened up about facing a challenging period in 2016, which led him to step away from acting.

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Reflecting on this time, Imran revealed, “I experienced a profound low in 2016, where I felt deeply broken inside. Fortunately, my career in the entertainment industry had provided financial stability, allowing me to reach a point where monetary concerns were no longer a burden by the age of 30. However, I realized that my passion for acting had diminished, and I lacked the motivation to dedicate myself fully to it. Becoming a father had a profound impact on me; it made me recognize the importance of being the best version of myself for Imara. I made a conscious decision to shift my focus away from my career and prioritize my personal growth and well-being, with the ultimate goal of being the healthiest and strongest version of myself for my daughter.”