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“Hanuman Is Not God…”, Manoj Muntashir Over Adipurush Row; Faces Rage From Public

Manoj Muntashir, the dialogue writer of the movie was already facing rage from the public and now he has passed this comment on Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman

Manoj Muntashir

The recent Bollywood movie, Adipurush has never come out of controversies, sometimes the reason is its VFX, and other times it is bashed because of its poster. Now, just after the release of the movie, the movie and its makers are facing lash because of the dialogues in the movie. Manoj Muntashir, the dialogue writer of the movie is facing rage from the public in the same context. He has even been provided protection as per his request. Amidst these controversies, the dialogue writer of the movie has passed a comment on Lord Hanuman that has landed him in a puddle. A video of him is going Viral in which he said that Lord Hanuman “is not God”.

The remark made by Manoj Mantashir

While defending his dialogues in front of the media, he was explaining his thought process behind the writing. In the same line of context, he said that Bajrangbali or Lord Hanuman is ‘not a God’ but is considered one because of the power of his ‘bhakti’ for Lord Ram.

He stated, “Bajrangbali bhagwaan nahi hai, bhakt hai. Humne unko bhagwaan banaya hai kyuki unki bhakti mein woh power tha (Lord Hanuman is not God but a mere devotee. We made him God because his devotion had that power).”

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People slamming Manoj over his remark on Lord Hanuman

The statement of the writer is attracting a lot of hatred as many people in society are upset over this remark. People have taken this matter to Twitter and are expressing their anger over there. Some people are highlighting the significance of Lord Hanuman as an Avatar of Lord Shiva. Some people are slamming him while calling him stupid and ignorant. He is seriously facing a lot of criticism for his dialogues and now this remark will only increase the problems for him.