PM Modi Arrives In Moscow For Crucial 2-Day Visit, Set To Meet President Putin

BY: Kavya Bhatt

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has arrived in Russia after a five-year gap.

On his arrival, he was welcomed by Russia’s First Deputy Prime Minister, Denis Manturov. Notably, Manturov holds a higher rank than the Deputy Prime Minister, who had welcomed Chinese President Xi Jinping during his visit to Russia.

Manturov also accompanied PM Modi from the airport to his hotel. Later, PM Modi is scheduled to have a private dinner with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

PM Modi has been balancing a long-standing friendship with Moscow and pursuing greater Western security ties. PM Modi's visit is also his first since returning to power for a third term.

PM Modi’s Ties with Russia: Experts note that the India-Russia relationship has deep roots, which Prime Minister Modi has strengthened since his tenure as Chief Minister of Gujarat.