Worst Indian Street Foods, according to Global Food Guide

BY - priyanka rai

Known for its critical evaluations, taste atlas recently included the list of India's worst-rated foods and identified some of the dishes that many people adore.Here is a list of every food.

DAHI PURI Taste Atlas has ranked Dahi Puri as the worst street dish in India. This Dahi-Puri with sev, pomegranate, and curd, together with potatoes in golgappa and a variety of green chutneys, will be a favourite of many of you. But based on this ranking, it is India's worst street food.

SEV Fresh and crispy, Sev is the top contender for ngarnishing most chaats. It has been placed at number two in the worst street food category. In India, a variety of chaats, Padi, chole samosaa and Masala-puri are completely incomplete without sev


DABELI Dabeli from gujarat is balanced fusion of pootatoes, fruits and pav. This sweet & Sour Gujarati street food has got the title of worst food at number three

BOMBAY SANDWICH Sandwiches are one of the healthy options, in this case Bombay Sandwich is stuffed with onion, potato, beetroot and cucumber. This sandwich is served with a light touch of black pepper, cumin and chaat masala. It's placed at number four

DAHI VADA Whoever would have oincluded Dahi Vada in the list must have never actually tasted Dahi Vada. It's made of Moong Dal Vadas served with tamarind chutney and mint chutney with hints of sev, pomegranate seeds and chaat spice.

SABUDANA VADA Whenever Navrati knocks, Sabudana Vada is made great fervor in every household. This Navrati special dish has been placed at number seven among worst street foods

PAPDI CHAAT This is a popular chaat every North Indian loves to have. It's a dish where GOL Gappa Papdi is Mixed with ciurd, mint leaves, black geam, potatoes, tamarind chutney, curd and sev. It is served with chaat masala sprinkled on top

BONDA This list ends with Bonda as the worst food. Prepared with mashed potatoes and light layer of gram flour enriched with spices, this street food is served with green and sweet chutney